Find It Trading and Find It Media have an Angel Policy.

This means: it is allowed to use all products of Find it Trading and its sub-brands (Card Deco, Yvonne Creations, Precious Marieke, Amy Design, Jeanine’s Art, Stitch and Do, Dot and Do, Hobbydots, Sparkles) to make cards and projects for personal use. You can show the images of your cards and projects on all websites, blogs and other social media.

You are permitted to sell your own projects with these supplies, but only in person and for non-commercial use: the cards or projects have to be handmade by you and you will sell them by yourself (for example on a local market, fair or other small sales point) with a limited quantity of 50 Pieces. It is not allowed to offer your creations for sale online.

 All images of stamps, cutting dies, paperpacks, cutting sheets, push-out sheets, also books and magazines, are copyrighted by Find it Trading and/or Find it Media and the artists who exlusively designed products for Find it Trading and/or Find it Media. The products are only sold for the personal use of the consumer. The consumer is not entitled to reproduce the copyrighted images and products for commercial purposes.


The above means that it is not permitted to:

  • Sell or reproduce the copyrighted items as mentioned above in any way (in whole, in part or worked) over the internet (neither for free nor for fee)
  • Reprint the items as mentioned above
  • Reproduce the designs to make cutting sheets or other paper products to sell them, due to their copyright
  • Scanning the designs for electric cutters and spreading these images.


For any question, please contact Find it Trading.